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Secretariat of the ESERA Summer School 2010, CIRD
University of Udine
via delle Scienze 206, 33100 UDINE, Italy
Tel. 0039 0432 558211 Fax 0039 0432 558230
e-mail: esera10@uniud.it
Working groups and Student's synopsis

Coaches - Peter Dekkers (The Netherlands) p.dekkers@uu.nl,
Justin Dillon (UK) justin.dillon@kcl.ac.uk

Fonseca Maria Joao , mjfonseca@ibmc.up.pt, Portugal
Effectiveness of innovative educational instruments and resources, focused on the knowledge, the attitudes and the decision capacity of elementary and high-school students towards biotechnology applications
Kolbach Eva ,eva.koelbach@uni-due.de , Germany
Variation of contexts and their influence on learning chemistry content
Pehkonen Maija , maija.pehkonen@helsinki.fi , Finland
Assessing the quality of students' argumentation in context of constructing scientific knowledge for purposes of learning
Schreiber Nico , nico.schreiber@tu-dortmund.de , Germany
Experimental Skills in Science: A Comparison of Assessment Tools
Sevastidou Alexia , alexiasevastidou@gmail.com , Cyprus
Exploring the design of web-based inquiry learning environments as a way to develop teachers' inquiry teaching and learning pedagogy
Solli Anne , solli@chalmers.se , Sweden ,
Reasoning as a scientist in socio-scientific issues: ways of helping students to engage in argumentation acknowledged by a scientific community
Thorne Karin , Karin.thorne@kau.se , Sweden
Teachers' talk about genetics: how do they explain the central concepts and make connections between the micro- and macro levels?

Coaches - Costas Costantinou , (Cyprus), c.p.constantinou@ucy.ac.cy
Robert Evans, (Denmark), evans@ind.ku.dk

Achenbach Christopher , Christopher.Achenbach@didaktik.physik.uni-giessen.de , Germany
Effects of gender sensitive learning material on girls' and boys' learning activities, their experiences, interests, and learning outcomes
Kirkman John , j.r.kirkman@bham.ac.uk , United Kingdom
Pre-service teachers' evaluations of newspaper reports of scientific research: inferences made with reference to scientific methodologies
Knobloch Rebecca ,rebecca.knobloch@uni-due.de ,Germany
How Does the Quality of Content-related Statements in Smallgroups Influence the Learning Outcome?
Mossenta Alessandra , alessandra.mossenta@tin.it , Italy
Building coherent concepts of electrostatics from macroscopic phenomenology
Nilsson Tor , tor.nilsson@mdh.se , Sweden
Undergraduate students' conceptions about enthalpy and enthalpy change
Soulios Ioannis ,souliosg@otenet.gr ,Greece
Investigating students' understanding about optical properties of materials and the nature of scientific models
Van der Jagt Saskia ,s.vanderjagt@yahoo.com ,The Netherlands
Developing inquiry competencies in science education by using rubrics

Coaches - Virginie Albe, (France) , virginie.albe@stef.ens-cachan.fr
Hans Niedderer, (Sweden, Hans.Niedderer@mdh.se)

Constantinide Kyriake , ckoula@gmail.com , Cyprus
Measuring Children's Systems Thinking
Dawson Emily , Emily.dawson@kcl.ac.uk , United Kingdom
Science and the inclusive society: how do UK minority ethnic groups experience public engagement with science and technology?
Hohn Katharina , hohn@uni-landau.de , Germany
Determinants of successful and non-successful solutions of complex mathematical word problems
Kalyfommatou Niki , sepgnk2@ucy.ac.cy , Cyprus
Development and evaluation of two specially designed curricula for promoting epistemological understandings
Neumann Susanne , susanne.neumann@univie.ac.at , Austria
Students' Conceptions about Radiation - Empirical Results and their Impact on Teaching Physics
Nielsen Jan Alexis , jan@imada.sdu.dk , Denmark
The Role of Science in Discussions - A Pragma-Dialectical Approach to Student Group Decision-Making
Poehnl Sabine , sabine.poehnl@uni-bayreuth.de , Germany
Computer-based multimedia learning meets conceptual change: Interaction of knowledge gain with cognitive load
Vaino Katrin , katrinvaino@hot.ee , Estonia
Identifying Chemistry Teacher Beliefs

Coaches - Lorenzo Santi, (Italy), santi@fisica.uniud.it
Anita Wallin, (Sweden), anita.wallin@ped.gu.se

Barth Maximilian , barth@idmp.uni-hannover.de , Germany
Practical Work in Upper Secondary School - Patterns of Instructional Skripts and Experimental Competencies in Physics
Glackin Melissa , melissa.glackin@kcl.ac.uk, United Kingdom
An investigation of the influence of teachers' belief systems on the implementation of outdoor science lessons following a two-year programme of professional development
Hingant Benedicte , benedicte.hingant@ens-cachan.fr, France
Nanoscience education and educational study of nanotechnologies controversies
Kirschner Sophie ,sophie.kirschner@uni-due.de , Germany
The school type dependent relation between physics teachers' content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge
Krumphals Ingrid , ingrid.krumphals@univie.ac.at, Austria
The development of subject specific pedagogical content knowledge for physics teacher students at university level
Murmann Mai ,maij@experimentarium.dk, Denmark
Learning in the intersection between formal and informal environments: designing narratives that mediate inquiry learning at science centres
Van Hees Klaas ,k.vanhees@uu.nl, The Netherlands
Evolutionary thinking in the concept-context approach

Coaches - Alexander Kauertz, (Germany), kauertz@ph-weingarten.de
Vanessa Kind, (UK), Vanessa.kind@durham.ac.uk

Hammoud Rim , rim.hammoud@inrp.fr, France
Evolution of chemistry teachers' resources in the implementation of inquiry process: impact of the teachers' collective work
Johannsen Bjorn Friis , bfjohannsen@ind.ku.dk, Denmark
Attrition and retention in university physics
Korsager Majken , majken.korsager@uv.uio.no, Norway
The Impact of Inquiry-based Science Teaching on Biology Education in Upper Secondary School
Ottander Katarina , ninao@park.se , Sweden
Science for sustainable development - Sustainable development for science
Remmen Kari Beate , k.b.remmen@naturfagsenteret.no , Norway
Geotop work in Earth Science: the impact on students' understanding
Sagar Helena , helena.sagar@kungsbacka.se , Sweden
Teachers collaborating with the surrounding world as a natural part of teaching science and technology
Ummels Micha , m.ummels@ils.ru.nl, The Neherlands
Promoting cognitive coherence in students' knowledge of photosynthesis

Coaches - Mariana Hagberg,(Sweden), mariana.hagberg@kau.se,
Marisa Michelini, (Italy), michelini@fisica.uniud.it

Cappell Janine ,Janine.cappell@didaktik.physik.uni-giessen.de, Germany
Prospective teachers' diagnostic competence
Dam Michiel , m.dam@iclon.leidenuniv.nl, The Neherlands
Motivating teachers for educational change: using the solution focused approach to engage teachers in educational change towards context-based biology education
Lacroix Frank , f.h.r.lacroix@uu.nl , The Neherlands
In-service between top-down and bottom-up - Exploring a problem posing design to develop PCK in mechanics
Logman Paul ,logman@uva.nl , The Neherlands
The changing relationship between context and concept during the development of a conception of energy in secondary school students
Scheid Jochen , scheid@uni-landau.de , Germany
Development of Representational Competence Via Cognitive Activating Tasks For Physical Experiments
Timur Betul , betultmr@gmail.com, Turkey
Primary Science Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and its Influence on Students' Learning
Wolf Angelika , Angelika.Wolf@ph-heidelberg.de , Germany
Self-Direction, Motivation and Conceptual Change in Physics Lessons at Secondary Schools

Coaches - Mehmet Fatih Tasar, (Turkey),mftasar@gazi.edu.tr
Manuela Welzel, (Germany), welzel@ph-heidelberg.de

Boer Hilde , cdbeta@cdbeta.uu.nl; H.J.Boer@uu.nl , The Neherlands
Coherence between chemistry and biology in context-based secondary science education
Christodoulou Andri , andri.christodoulou@kcl.ac.uk , United Kingdom
Epistemic Features of Science Teachers' Classroom Talk During Argumentation Lessons and the Influence of this talk on Students' Epistemological Understanding
Eve Douglas , d.r.g.eve@durham.ac.uk , United Kingdom
A longitudinal study determining the development of pedagogical content knowledge for chemistry teaching: from pre-service to post-qualification
Morris Helen , ss07hem@leeds.ac.uk , United Kingdom
Girls' Responses to the Teaching of Socioscientific Issues
Uhden Olaf , Olaf.Uhden@tu-dresden.de , Germany
Mathematization and physics learning in secondary school
Van Mil Marc , M.H.W.vanMil@UU.nl , The Neherlands
Relating cellular processes to molecular mechanisms in science education
Witner Sabrina , Sabrina.witner@uni-due.de , Germany
Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Chemistry Teachers

ESERA Summer School 2010, Udine