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2. A seminar, not a conference
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17. Arrivo a Udine - Welcome, registration, opening session
18. Proceedings
Round table 2
The role of the co-operation between schools and universities in order to improve teacher education – [Position paper written by Scientific Societies, Associations, researchers]
John Layman (University of Maryland, USA) - chairman, Urbaan Titulaer (EPS, University of Linz, Austria), Silvia Pugliese (AIF)


Aspect of contribution to teaching process
Branislav Jovanovic Regional department in Kragujevac
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  University, schools, teachers: cooperative relationships
John W. Layman University of Maryland, USA
Complete document (layman.pdf 180 KB
  The improvement of science teaching and the role of the Institutions to improve quality pre service and in service teacher education
Silvia Pugliese Jona A.I.F. Associazione per l'Insegnamento della Fisica, Italy
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  How can schools and universities cooperate to improve physics teaching in high schools?
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Urbaan M. Titulaer Institute for Theoretical Physics Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
  Laboratory experiments of modern physics in permanent education of physics teachers
Luka Mandic Department of physics and ecology, Technical faculty, Rijeka, Croatia Dubravka Kotnik-Karuza, Mariza Sarta-Dekovic Physics department, Faculty of philosophy, Rijeka, Croatia
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  Common actions in the context of the School-University connection
Furio Honsell, Rector of the University of Udine Marisa Michelini, Rector's Delegate for Didactics Innovation of the University of Udine
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