University of Udine
Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Education (CIRD)
Physics Department

Scientific programme

2. A seminar, not a conference
3. The programme
4. Participants
5. A working definition of the seminar
6. Outcomes
7. Application and contributions
8. Logistics
9. Travel
10. Conference fees
11. Payments
12. Deadlines
13. General information
14. Abstracts of the contributions
15. Contribute for the round tables
16. Forum
17. Arrivo a Udine - Welcome, registration, opening session
18. Proceedings


International Advisory Board
Michele D’Anna, Pedagogical Institute for Teacher Education, Locarno, Switzerland
Ton Ellermeijer, Amsterdam University, The Netherlands
Manfred Euler, GIREP President, IPN, University of Kiel, Germany
Hendrik Ferdinande, Ghent University, Belgium
Lupo Donà delle Rose, University of Padova, Italy
Aart Kleyn, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Brenda Jennison, University of Cambridge, UK
Robert Lambourne, Open University, UK
Giunio Luzzatto, University of Genoa, Italy
Marisa Michelini, University of Udine, Italy
Gorazd Planinsic, University of Lubljana, Slovenia
Elena Sassi, University of Naples, Italy
Rosa Maria Sperandeo, University of Palermo, Italy
Gunnar Tibell, Uppsala University, Sweden
Matilde Vicentini, University of Rome, Italy
Michael Vollmer, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg, Germany
Urbaan M Titulaer, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria
Jacques Treiner, Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris, France

International Organizing Committee
Mojca Cepic, Lubljana, Slovenia
Helmut Kühnelt, Vienna, Austria
Brenda Jennison, Cambridge, UK
Robert Lambourne, Open University, UK
Leopold Matelitsch, Graz, Austria
Marisa Michelini, Udine, Italy
Gorazd Planinsic, Lubljana, Slovenia
Silvia Pugliese Jona, AIF, Italy

Local Organizing Committee
Furio Honsell, Rector of the University, Udine
Carlo Del Papa, Director of the Physics Department, Udine
Marisa Michelini, Director of CIRD, Udine
Silvia Pugliese Jona, Vicepresident of AIF, Italy
Lorenzo Santi, CIRD, Udine
Marina Cobal, Physics Department, Udine

Main Organizers
Brenda Jennison, Marisa Michelini, Silvia Pugliese Jona

Call for contributions
Reference address: Prof. Marisa Michelini - CIRD & Physics Department, via delle Scienze 208, 33100 UDINE, Italy
Tel. ++39 0432 558210, 558211; ++39 338 7882745 Fax ++39 0432 558222;