University of Udine
Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Education (CIRD)
Physics Department

Scientific programme

2. A seminar, not a conference
3. The programme
The structure of the seminar
Time table
General talks
Panel sessions
Round tables
4. Participants
5. A working definition of the seminar
6. Outcomes
7. Application and contributions
8. Logistics
9. Travel
10. Conference fees
11. Payments
12. Deadlines
13. General information
14. Abstracts of the contributions
15. Contribute for the round tables
16. Forum
17. Arrivo a Udine - Welcome, registration, opening session
18. Proceedings


  • The Seminar will host Plenary Lectures, Round Tables, Panel Sessions and Workshops.
  • The Plenary Lectures and Round Tables will offer overviews of the topics that will be discussed in detail in the Workshops. A final document will be written and approved (see Outcomes).
  • The Panel Sessions are amongst the earliest of the Seminar’s activities. Their function is to survey all the accepted contributions, in parallel sessions according to topic,.They will provide selected materials for the Workshop activities that follow.
  • The Workshops are the core of the Seminar and they determine its outcomes.
  • They will benefit from the Plenary Lectures and from the contributions of the participants. The leader of each Workshop will choosefrom the contributions presented to the Seminar the ones whichs/he considers most relevant to the Workshop s/he leads.

In each Workshop the discussion will be in five parts:

  1. a general overview of the topic;
  2. a preliminary discussion of the most important problems;
  3. a more thorough discussion into specific aspects and possible solutions of the problem;
  4. a general summary;
  5. and, finally, a discussion on the contribution of the Workshop to the outcomes of the Seminar