University of Udine
Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Education (CIRD)
Physics Department

Scientific programme

2. A seminar, not a conference
3. The programme
4. Participants
5. A working definition of the seminar
6. Outcomes
7. Application and contributions
8. Logistics
9. Travel
10. Conference fees
11. Payments
12. Deadlines
13. General information
14. Abstracts of the contributions
15. Contribute for the round tables
16. Forum
17. Arrivo a Udine - Welcome, registration, opening session
18. Proceedings


The following outcomes are expected:
1) A collection of papers on issues connected to quality development in teacher education and training, for all grades in school from kindergarten to pre-university level
2) A collection of papers on innovation in physics teaching;
3) At the end of the Seminar a final document will be written with indications and recommendations on how:

  • to promote co-operation between schools and universities;
  • to produce papers useful for teachers and to help teachers to produce papers themselves;
  • to write criteria for supporting teachers in documenting their own work;
  • to enhance the contributions of institutions to the improvement of teacher training.