University of Udine
Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Education (CIRD)
Physics Department

Scientific programme

2. A seminar, not a conference
3. The programme
4. Participants
5. A working definition of the seminar
6. Outcomes
7. Application and contributions
8. Logistics
9. Travel
10. Conference fees
11. Payments
12. Deadlines
13. General information
14. Abstracts of the contributions
15. Contribute for the round tables
16. Forum
17. Arrivo a Udine - Welcome, registration, opening session
18. Proceedings


Please send your Application Form to Marisa Michelini as soon as possible and not later than 1st April 2003, sending the abstract in English, using the format in Table 1. If possible, please send your Abstract as a WORD file via the Internet.

The participants who wish to make their contributions available beforehand to the workshop leaders may send the full text (no more than five pages, set out in the same way as the Abtract) to the same address not later than 1st Giune 2003.
The contribution should be prepared as a Word file, and sent as an e-mail attachment

Application Form. Download