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2. A seminar, not a conference
3. The programme
4. Participants
5. A working definition of the seminar
6. Outcomes
7. Application and contributions
8. Logistics
9. Travel
10. Conference fees
11. Payments
12. Deadlines
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17. Arrivo a Udine - Welcome, registration, opening session
18. Proceedings

Udine, 23.8.03
To the participants of the Udine International Seminar
Quality Development in Teacher Education and Training University of Udine, Italy 01-06 September 2003

Dear colleague,
thank you very much for having applied to the Seminar.
It is only a few days before the beginning of the seminar and I know that some of you are already leaving to come here. I therefore take the opportunity to send you some general information so that it shall be easy for you to settle during the first two days of activities, whatever your day of arrival is. All those who asked to be booked in the university colleges will be guests of the following: ERDISU, RENATI, PAULINI. A personal letter confirming the booking has been sent to all those concerned: we ask anyone who doesn't receive it to please get in touch with us. Apart from the opening cerimony, which shall take place at Udine castle, all the seminar activities will take place at Palazzo Antonini, an ancient palace situated in the historycal town centre, less than 10 minutes walk from Palazzo Florio, where you will always find the Secretariate if any help is needed. It shall be a great pleasure to welcome you in Room 1 of Antonini Palast with a coffe, a 'tajut' of wine and San Daniele ham on the 1st of September, after your arrival and registration, at Palazzo Florio, seat of the University Rectorate. Anyone who doesn't manage to make their registration the afternoon of the 1st of September, can do so on the 2nd of September starting from 2 p.m., always at the secretariate. We apologize for this, but unfortunately it is not possible to transfer the secretariate, with all its documents, to the Sala del Parlamento in Udine castle, where the opening ceremony takes place. In my letter I also include some general information which might be useful to you. Yours cordially, Marisa Michelini


For the kind attention of every participant
- you are kindly invited to hand in five copies of your work for the seminar ( four paper versions and one electronic version )
- remember it is also important to confirm your participation in the various activities proposed in the social programme
- please ensure you make your final accommodation payment and the second part of fee payment.

During the seminar, we wish to make sure that you can dedicate as much time as possible to interacting and discussing with the other participants, and Workshops are the place where all this is possible. We remind you that each participant is invited to contribute to the Round Table both during the discussion both with written contribution handled to the Seminar Secretariat.


Sala Florio, Palazzo Florio
1st of September, 2003; time 4 p.m.-7 p.m

A Secretariat operates for payments, collection of scientific materials and general information. A letter, handed to each partecipant, will contain words of welcome, the forms for the enrolment in the social programme, the statement of payments and any supplementary payments.

The participants will be welcomed with a reception in Room 1 at Palazzo Antonini, very closed with Palazzo Florio, where the evening talk of Christian Ucke will take place at 7.30.

By car: there is a big parking lot in Piazza Primo Maggio, just 5 min. walk from Palazzo Florio. By bus: bus n.1 reaches Palazzo Antonini (stopping in Piazza San
Cristoforo) leaving from the Railway station every 10 min. and passing through via Aquileia, Piazza della Libertà and via Mercatovecchio From Hotel Friuli: only 10 min. walk or bus n. 10 which stops in Piazza
Primo Maggio just 3 min. walk from Palazzo Antonini.

  • From Hotel Ambassador: only 10 min. walk through via Carducci, via Vittorio Veneto and via Mercatovecchio or bus n. 1 in via Aquileia at the rear of the hotel.
  • From Hotel Cristallo: 10 min. walk through viale Ungheria, via Vittorio Veneto and via Mercatovecchio or bus n. 1 in via Aquileia.
  • From Hotel Europa: 10 min. walk through via Roma, via Carducci, via Vittorio Veneto and via Mercatovecchio or bus n. 1 from the railway station.
  • From Hotel Due Palme: 10 min. walk through via Villalta and via Mazzini. From ERDISU: 10 min. walk through viale Ungheria, via Vittorio Veneto and via Mercatovecchio.
  • From Collegio Renati: 10 min. walk, through via Treppo, via Manin and via Mercatovecchio.
  • From Collegio Paulini: 10 min. from the railway station through via Roma, via Carducci, via Vittorio Veneto and via Mercatovecchio.

Sala del Parlamento, Udine Castle
2nd of September, 2003; time 9.15-13.00 a.m.

The opening Ceremony will take place in the Sala del Parlamento of Udine Castle according to the following programme:

9.15 -10.30 a.m.
Opening Ceremony

coffe breack

11.00 a.m. Opening talk - GT1
Manfred Euler, President of Girep, Department of Physics Education, IPN, Kiel, Germany Quality Development Challenges to Physics Education

11.40 a.m. RT1
The improvement of science teaching and the role of the Institutions to improve the quality of pre-service and in service teacher education Aart Kleyn (EPS) - chairman,
Leonard Jossem (AAPT) - responsible for the outcomes,
Gunnar Tibell (ICPE),
Giunio Luzzatto (CONCURED),
Elena Sassi (University of Napoli, Italy),
Salvatore Serio (SAIt)

Udine Castle is in the centre of the city at the top of a natural hill. HOW TO REACH UDINE CASTLE By car: there is a large parking area in Piazza Primo Maggio at the rear of the Castle. By bus: bus n.1 runs every 10 min. from the Railway Station.

  • From Hotel Friuli: 10 min. walk or bus n. 10 stopping in Piazza Primo Maggio, 3 min. walk from the Castle.
  • From Hotel Ambassador: 10 min. walk through via Carducci and via Vittorio Veneto or bus n. 1 in via Aquileia at the rear of the hotel.
  • From Hotel Cristallo: 10 min. walk through viale Ungheria and via Vittorio Veneto or bus n. 1 in via Aquileia.
  • From Hotel Europa: 10 min. walk through via Roma, via Carducci and via Vittorio Veneto or bus n. 1 from the railway station.
  • From Hotel Due Palme: 10 min. walk through via Villalta, via Mazzini and via Mercatovecchio.
  • From ERDISU: 10 min. walk through viale Ungheria and via Vittorio Veneto.
  • From Collegio Renati: 10 min. walk, through via Treppo and via Manin.
  • From Collegio Paulini: 10 min. from the railway station through via Roma, via Carducci and via Vittorio Veneto.


The Secretariat is open in the Sala Florio at Palazzo Florio,with the following timetable:

September, 1st 4.30 p.m-7 p.m.
September, 2nd 2 p.m.-7 p.m.
September, 3th, 4th and 5th 8.30 a.m.-11.30 a.m.
2.30 p.m.-5.30 p.m.
September, 6th 8.30 a.m.-11.30 a.m.

Partecipants are reminded that the total fee is 140 Euros. Payments must be in Euro. All the registered participants will receive the Seminar programme booklet, a bag with paper, pen and tourist information, typical products of Friuli, invitations for the social programme and information on Proceedings and on Refereeing procedure.

THE SEMINAR TAKES PLACE IN PALAZZO ANTONINI (from the afternoon of September 2 to the morning of September 6)

PalazzoAntonini, an old city building of historical and artisitc interest, is located in the centre of Udine and was built during the Renaissance by the Antoninis. It has been the head offices of Udine University since 1978.

Entrance and Room n.10 (map of Palazzo Antonini in this booklet) is devoted to the poster and exhibits. The preparation must be carried out by those concerned, who are kindly asked to contact dr. Alberto Stefanel for any scientific requirements and sigg. Mauro Sabadini and Oliver Opee for any technical requirements.

During the whole Seminar, these services are available to all the
* Secretariat (Sala Florio, Palazzo Florio)
* Computer room (room APC, Palazzo Antonini)
* Internet connection terminals (room APC, Palazzo Antonini )
* Canteens ( ERDISU Student College )
* Drink vending machine ( Palazzo Antonini )
* Coffee breaks ( room A1, Palazzo Antonini )
* Meeting room ( Palazzo Antonini )
* Photocopying ( in a limited number, Secretariat)
* Incoming fax ( by the Secretariat)
* Notice board for participants (Secretariat and entrance of Palazzo Antonini)
* Overhead-projector in every room
* N.4 PC with videoprojector
* N.1 Videorecorder
* Slideprojectors

All the participants are eligible to eat in the canteen of ERDISU college which will be opened from the 2nd of September 2003. This allows the participants to have a complete meal at the special price of 7 Euros per meal, pre-paid to the Secretariat of the Seminar. ERDISU, viale Ungheria, 500 m. from Palazzo Antonini
LUNCH: 12a.m.- 2p.m.
DINNER: 7p.m.- 8.30p.m.
It is always possible for the participants to have a complete meal (first and second course and side-dish, drinks excluded) at the price of only Italian 6-12 Euros at the Restaurant "Al Vecchio Stallo" or "Ai Frati". Information on other restaurants in Udine can be found in the Secretariat.

The participants staying in hotels may settle the payment at their own hotel at the reduced price found in the first circular. The participants staying at the Student Dormitory (PAULINI, ERDISU, RENATI) may settle the payment at the Secretariat.

Papers presented at the Seminar will be published in a book. A selected number of contributions will be published after the referring procedure. For these reasons all the participants are kindly invited to carry five copies of their works for the seminar: four paper versions and one electronic version following the instructions reported below and available on the website of the Seminar. The refereeing procedure will follow the "exam-on-the-spot" scheme as in the Barcelona GIREP Conference. The copies on paper and the copy on disk (DOS format or disk with ASCII file or Word for Windows file) must be handed to Claudia Longhetto, at the Secretariat.


MONDAY 1st September 2003 - Evening Talk
Christian Ucke, Department of Physics, Technical University, Munich, Germany [Physics and Toys]

TUESDAY 2nd September 2003
Visit to Wine House

WEDNESDAY 3rd September 2003 - Evening Talk
Stanley Micklavzina, Department of Physics,University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA and Goraz Planinsic, Secretary of GIREP, Department of Physics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia [Physics Nocturno]

THURSDAY, 4th September 2003 - Evening activities
9 p.m. Aula Magna Kolbe
Concert of the Band Group "Armonie" directed by prof. Fabrizio Fontanot (a hundred pupils for a concert) "The Magic of Physics" - show of the students of Liceo Scientifico G. Marinelli supervised by Prof. Vilma Capocchiani Remote laboratory with a telescope - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste The audio, video, and data connection will enable to perform a real "remote observation", controlling the instrument and getting astronomical images and any other data of interest. The activity is the main part of the national project "Le stelle stanno a guardare" for the diffusion of the scientific culture and to make telescopes available to the schools.

FRIDAY 5th September 2003 - 5pm: Visit to Villa Manin in Passariano, visit to the painting exhibition "Da Canaletto a Zuccarelli - the venetian landscape of the 18th century" and Informal dinner at the typical friulan restaurant "Napoleone"