Marisa Michelini Italian

Marisa Michelini is a full professor of Physics Education within the Faculty of Scientific Training of the University of Udine. The responsibility are the following: Director of the Department of Physics; Head of the Physics Informatics and Mathematics (FIM) Section within the Specialization School for Teacher Training (SSIS) from the foundation (2000) until now and Director of SSIS in the period 2003-2007. Rector delegate in the areas of didactic, orientation, tutoring and schools - university cooperation (1993-2007); Director of two Masters Program for teachers, of the national Master (IDIFO) and the Specialization Course IDIFO2 , which are carried out as part of the Scientific Degree Project (PLS), coordinating 15 other universities. She founded and also directs the Laboratory Center for Physics Education (CLDF), the Research Unit for Physics Education (URDF), which boasts the first Italian PhD course founded in the sector, linked internationally with Barcellona, Paris VII, Ostrava, San Sebastian and Torun. From 1996 up to now she is Vice-Director of the University Consortium Youth Education and Orientation (GEO).
Scientific responsible of various research projects in physics education:

a) the European project Interreg III: Italy- Slovenia on basic scientific education materials (2004-2006);
b) Italian responsible for three European projects on the didactics of electromagnetism and superconductivity: Supercomet (2005-2007), Mosem (2007-2009) and Mosem2 (2008-2010);
c) leader for University of Udine in the European Network STEPS-EUPEN (2002-2008);
d) responsible of 15 national CNR and MURST (PRIN) concerning research in physics education and teacher training, by means of ICT (1992-2007);
e) leader for 2 finalized national projects of MPI: LabTec for innovation in scientific education using new technologies (1999) and BRI on research collaboration between school - university (2000);
f) local responsible of 14 MPI projects concerning the diffusion of scientific culture (L6/2000);
g) leader of 4 projects selected by MIUR for a three-year development plan for Italian universities regarding orientation and tutorage (1995-2006);
h) leader of 2 regional projects: EPC (1999-2000) and Aroles: learning in web environment and scientific education (2002-2004). Responsible of the high integrated Formation for Energy Managers (EGE) approved and financed to University by Work Ministerium (2008-2009).

Other scientific leadership are: Vice President of AIF for 15 years and of GIREP from 1995 to 2002, Committee member of ESERA from 2008 and of IRRE for 8 years(1998-2005);member of the Scientific Committee of national ISS plan of MIUR (2006 up to now) for scientific education and of Orientation plan of MIUR (DD40-31/7/08 un to now); Director for 15 years of the referred national Journal La Fisica nella Scuola and for 10 years of the referred journal Università e Scuola, actual member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Physics Education and of referred national journal Giornale di Fisica. Organizer of 15 national congresses and three international one (1995, 2001, 2003) of Girep (400 participants from 65 countries); organizer of the next MPTL14 international meeting (2009).

Research activity is related to two main fields:

1) Electrical transport properties of thin films. Resistivity and Hall coefficient measurements (1983-1994),

2) Physics education and teacher training (1976-2004), carried out with continuity throughout the entire academic career, on the following research lines:

A) innovative and original paths:

A1) for laboratory activities, including advanced topics such as the Moessbauer effect, the Hall effect, electrical, optical and thermal properties of solids (resistivity, reflectivity, polarisation, heat conduction), Quantum Physics, Superconductivity;
A2)original prototypes of hardware and software systems for computer online experiments on thermal, optic and electric phenomena (Thermograph, Termocrono, Fente, Lucegrafo) and dynamical modeling (Sigma, SEQU);

B) development, experimentation and publication of:

B1) innovative curricular units utilizing computer and multi-media technologies in the fields of mechanics,thermodynamics, optics and quantum physics for secondary school and university;
B2) learning objectives for blended activities with e-learning;

C) models and modules for pre- and in-service teachers' formation (training courses, advanced courses, Master and collaborative research) experimented in the field classical and modern physics and orientation;

D) institutional models and actions of school - university collaboration according to the research model CRUS, in the context of the first and the only Italian university teacher Centre (CLDF);

E) informal learning research and realization of an exhibit of 250 simple experiments to do not only to see (GEI) receiving Italian Physical Society Prize:

E1) prototypes of experiments and activities,
E2) educational materials, worksheets for teachers and students for operative exploration,
E3) conceptual laboratories (CLOE-Conceptual Laboratories for Operative Exploration),
E4) multimedia software support; F) operative problem solving (PSO method);

G) realization and application of web interactive environments for teacher training;

H) learning processes for developing formal thinking: planning and experimenting tools, strategies, methods and paths.

This research activity is documented with 415 publications in referred scientific books and journals, of which 96 are published internationally and three have been in foreign language.