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Welcome address of the Rector

We are witnessing a growing awareness on the part of the scientific community and educational institutions of the problems concerned with the training of teachers, the teaching of science and the spread of scientific culture. The University of Udine has developed a strong sensibility in this regard, given impetus also by an atmosphere which is strongly receptive to such problems. Some important initiatives have already begun while others are at the prepartory stage with the aim of contributing in a meaningful way to the training of teachers of the region.

The University of Udine is therefore very pleased to host an international conference of such great importance that will gather together, in this beautiful and well-ordered city with its young and ambitious university, scholars from all over the world including scientists, researchers in pedagogy, both secondary school and university professors all with the common purpose of discussing the problems connected with the introduction of an innovative topic in the teaching of physics at different educational levels.I understand that half of the papers presented deal with the most recent scientific and technological developments in the field of the science of condensed matter and new materials. The other half deals with pedagogic suggestions for both the school and the university. I am pleased to note that there is a wide spectrum of levels in the analysis of the teaching of condensed matter and new materials in the Conference. It also gives me great pleasure to note that this Conference is one of the first occasions on which an international conference has concerned itself with the teaching problems at the university level. .The conference permits our Department of Physics and our Interdepartmental Centre for Pedagogic Research to further develop the numerous ties already established with many international research centres. On behalf of the entire scientific community of Udine, I express the warm wish that much good work will be produced here in Udine.

Prof. Marzio Strassoldo di Graffembergo

Palazzo Florio

GIREP95 Physics Dept. Udine University GIREP