Papers & Proceedings

[Last modified: March 2nd, 2005]

The proceedings of the Symposium will be published and will include Special Symposium Lectures, Invited Talks, Contributed Papers (8 pages) and Posters (4 pages).

Instructions for submitting a paper

Every paper has to be in the format chosen for these Proceedings, has to be written in English and must consist in a LaTeX2e file. To submit a paper for the Proceedings of the aforesaid Symposium you have to send by 13th March 2005 a .zip archive containing the corresponding LaTeX2e file and the included image files at the e-mail address: ffp6@uniud.it. The image files included in your paper must be .eps, .ps or .pdf files. The .tex file and the names of your files must comply the instructions contained in the document InstructionsForSubmittingAPaper.pdf.

How to see how the paper will look like

To see how your paper will look like in the published volume, download the archive linked by compile.zip, put all the archived files in the same directory with the LaTeX2e source file of your paper and the included image files and modify the file aspect-check.tex (included in the archive compile.zip) replacing the string filename.tex in the sixth line (containing the code \input{filename.tex}) with the name of the LaTeX2e source file of your paper; the output that you get compiling the modified file aspect-check.tex file is how your paper will look like in the published volume. Informations and support: ffp6@uniud.it.


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