Molecular dynamics

* A molecular dynamics primer with examples in Fortran 90.
    You can also download it in your preferred Postscript or PDF format:
A4 paper (Europe) (783 kB) (168 kB) md.pdf (435 kB)
Letter paper (USA) (783 kB) (168 kB) n.a.

* Interatomic potentials and Force Matching Method

* MDBNCH: a Molecular Dynamics benchmark

* Tutorial on Analytic potentials and Molecular Dynamics simulation by Donald W. Brenner

* Scientific Computing Group at Duke University (multipole N-body algorithms, distributed Ewald computations)

* Center for Atomic-scale Materials Physics at the Tech. U. of Denmark, including various simulation s/w, and Ole Nielsen's page

* Center for Materials Simulation at the U. of Connecticut

* Parallel codes: DL_POLY, EGO, GROMACS, LAMMPS, NAMD, Nielsen's.

* Graphics: Molecular Visualization Resources, OpenScience Project, BallRoom, PyMOL, RasMol, Protein Explorer, Swiss PDB Viewer, VMD

Furio Ercolessi

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