Contributions to culture

Das Top Quark, Picasso und Mercedes Benz, Rowohlt Berlin (hard cover), rororo science (paper back), ISBN 3 499 60806 5.
Discusses the interplay between general culture and physics: without culture no physics – without physics no fundamental innovation – without fundamental innovation decline of material wealth with all of its consequences (so called “globalization”).

Alles Quark?, Rowohlt Berlin (hard cover), ISBN 3 87134 362 5
Explains physics to young people – but also to older ones, if interested. It also explains, what physics is good for. The book proves, that even a child can understand the most advanced physics topics, provided only that the teaching physicist wants to be understood.

Das Denken und seine Zukunft, Hoffmann und Campe (hard cover), rororo science (paper back) ISBN 3 499 61418 9
Experts predict, that computers will learn to think and that they will substitute the human being, because computers develop faster than human beings. This is a good occasion for physics to enter in communication with society.

Sperrt das Desy zu, Der Spiegel (44,1999):
critique of the deliberate decay of physics in European societies. The article was criticised by the science management in a rather uncivilized manner, but by now (6 years later) also the non-expert can see, that the statements and predictions made in this article were correct.

Ahnung von der Materie, Dumont, ISBN 978-3832180829
The book describes the physics which was produced by Isomorph in the first four years: an innovative and very simple solar energy system ("linear mirror"), and an approach towards a physics theory of information. The linear mirror would allow together with existing techniques to change from a carbon-based economy to a solar society. The physics of information has not only important applications, not accessible with state of the art information theory, but opens also many connections to fields like evolution theory or philosophy. It is noteworthy, that the collaborators of Isomorph are students, diploma- students, PhD-students and post-docs. Therefore the scientific success of Isomorph indicates the validity of the concept of independent science in particular for the development of young scientists.

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