Contributions to physics

Together with E.Lorenz (MPI Munich)) invention and development of the CsI(Tl) calorimeter with Photodiode readout in my “Diplom” thesis. Today CsI(Tl) calorimeters are a standard in high-resolution gamma ray spectroscopy, for instance they are or have been used at experiments at Cornell, Stanford and CERN, and in the most advanced NASA satellites.

Invention of the W-charge asymmetry analysis. This became the topic of the Thesis of my student Sandra Leone. The W-charge asymmetry allows to study separately the contribution of up- and down quarks to the proton structure function.

Together with Giorgio Bellettini discovery of the top Quark at the Fermilab collider. Our work was based on a new kind of analysis, the kinematics- or event-structure analysis, published previously. This became the thesis of my student Marina Cobal.

Development of a new kind of wind turbine system, consisting in a propeller and a shroud. Previous attempts to build this kind of system had failed (Grumman et al.), our prototype instead worked. A European patent had been granted, but was abandoned for financial reasons. This development would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of Fabiano Bet (Thermotec G.m.b.H, former BMW centre of research)

Creation of a formal physics theory of information based on the vector calculus and on the studies of Szillard. It is extending the purely formal theory of information of computing science to the physics world, showing that messages form isomorph vector spaces.

The spin off company Isomorph srl was founded. The business strategy is to develop and sell innovative procedures and products based on physics research. From a scientific point of view the goal of Isomorph is to allow for free science -research free from the guidelines of science management and administration and independent of organised science.

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