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Secretariat of the MPTL14 Workshop, CIRD
Univerity of Udine
via delle Scienze 206, 33100 UDINE, Italy
Tel. 0039 0432 558211 Fax 0039 0432 558230
e-mail: mptl14@fisica.uniud.it 


General Talks
Author(s) Title
GT 1
W. K. Adams, Co-Director PhET Interactive Simulations
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Student Engagement and Learning with PhET Interactive Simulations Download pdf
GT 2
E. Sassi, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
S. Feiner-Valkier, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands
On the use of new methods and multimedia Download pdf
GT 3
B. Mason, University of Oklahoma
R. Sporken, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chicago
Recommendations on Available Multimedia material for Teaching Waves and Optics Download pdf
GT 4
M. Ross, V. Otero, University of Colorado, Boulder Authentic Scientific Activities in Primary-level Science Teacher Preparation Download pdf
Plenary Oral Presentation
W. Christian, Davidson College, USA The Open Source Physics National Science Digital Library Collection Download pdf
F. Esquembre, Universidad de Murcia New drawing framework in Easy Java Simulations Download pdf
B. Mason, University of Oklahoma Building and Sharing Course Resources through the ComPADRE Digital Library Download pdf
WS1 Remote Lab: Different approaches Download pdf
Responsible: G Torzo, INFM CNR, University of Padova, Italy
Contributions by:
- J H Jodl and S Groeber, University of Technology Kaiserlautern, Munchen,Germany
- M Bochicchio, A Longo, University of Salento, Italy
WS2 WebLID: Web-Delivered Interactive Lecture Demonstrations. Creating an Active Science Learning Environment On the Internet Download pdf
Responsible: R. K. Thornton, Center for Science and Math Teaching, Departments of Physics and Education, Tufts University, Medford, MA 02155
WS3 VPython: 3D programming for ordinary mortals Download pdf
Responsible: B. Sherwood, North Carolina State University, USA
WS4 MOSEM2 project. Integration of data acquisition, modelling, simulation, and animation for learning Electromagnetic and Superconductivity Download pdf
Responsibles: E. Kedzierska, AMSTEL Institute, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, L. Konicek, University of Ostrava, Department of Physics Faculty of Science
Contributions by:
- L. Santi, University of Udine, Italy
- A. Stefanel, University of Udine, Italy
WS5 Easy Java Simulations (EJS) Download pdf
Responsibles: W. Christian, Davidson College, USA, F. Esquembre, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
List of Contributions, ordered by type Download pdf
Book of Abstracts, preliminary Download pdf

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Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning MPTL 14