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Secretariat of the MPTL14 Workshop, CIRD
Univerity of Udine
via delle Scienze 206, 33100 UDINE, Italy
Tel. 0039 0432 558211 Fax 0039 0432 558230
e-mail: mptl14@fisica.uniud.it 

//NEW// - EPS Poster Prize

The EPS Grants' Committee agreed to grant one (1) EPS Poster Prize for an award to a student who has presented the best poster at the Conference.
Amount of the EPS Poster Prize : EUR 500.-
The prize will be given to a PhD student (defined by student registration). The poster must be prepared by the student.
The conference organizer is responsible for judging of posters.

Financial support

The European Physical Society (EPS) Grants' Committee has granted financial supports to three young scientists.

General conditions for funding:


20th May 2009 for:

Request for financial support. Payment of registration fees will be suspended until 16th June for people requesting financial support and is conditioned by assignation of the grant

9th June for:

Communication of assignation of the grants to recipients

Selection of the applications for EPS grants

Applications received:

# Surname First Name country
1 Matejka Michal Slovakia
2 Hanif Muhammad Pakistan
3 Szakmány Tibor Hungary
4 Suomolaynen Ksenia Russian Federation
5 Kopasz Katalin Hungary
6 Amoros Poveda Lucia Ireland
7 Antonov Pavel Ukraine
8 Iendaltseva Olga Ukraine
9 Nyemchenko Uliana Ukraine
10 Jelača Petar Croatia
11 Lipošćak Ana Croatia
12 Maračić Ana Croatia
13 Šegota Doris Croatia
14 Shadrack Anthony Kenia
15 Zafar Abrar Ahmad China
16 Sambueva Svetlana Russian Federation

Applications have been examined on the basis of the EPS Grants’ Committee general conditions for funding and on the advices of the MPTL14 Advisory Board.

Applications eligible for grants are #1, #2, #3.

If additional funding will be available, by means of renounces or other financial resources, #4, #5, #6 will be granted.

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