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Secretariat of the MPTL14 Workshop, CIRD
Univerity of Udine
via delle Scienze 206, 33100 UDINE, Italy
Tel. 0039 0432 558211 Fax 0039 0432 558230
e-mail: mptl14@fisica.uniud.it 

Local committee

Cristiana Compagno, Rector of the University of Udine
Raffaella Bombi, Rector Delegate for E-learning, Udine
Franco Fabbro, Dean of Faculty of Education of the University, Udine
Luca Foresti, Science of Communication and Multimedia Degree Course in University, Udine
Carlo Tasso, Dean of Science Faculty and Responsible of the Artificial Intelligence Lab, Udine
Marisa Michelini, Director of the Physics Department, Udine
Lorenzo Santi, Director of CIRD, Udine
Renato Spoletti, CSIT Director, Udine
Alberto Stefanel, Physics Department, Udine

Assunta Bonanno, Physics Department of the University of Calabria, Italy
Federico Corni, Physics Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Stefano Oss, Physics Department of the University of Trento, Italy

Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning MPTL 14